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I am writing to update you on 2 exciting initiatives that are being introduced by GRV, and which will benefit the BGRC members, local Trainers and industry participants.



GRV have announced that greyhound racing will now enjoy a regular Saturday morning TV slot following a successful trial over the past months. The Saturday morning broadcasts will start from 8th August in Shepparton, followed by Saturday morning races in Ballarat on 15th and 22nd August. This will boost the GRV racing program to 26 meetings a week.


GRV have advised that the expansion of the racing program is funded by additional money and there are no cuts to the existing program.

Expanding the racing program is a key focus now for GRV as it means they can spread their fixed costs across more races and so generate more revenue, both per race and in general. This increased income in turn will allow GRV to grow the prizemoney pool and invest more in infrastructure improvements and promoting the sport to new customers.


The BGRC is likely to host 1 or 2 Saturday morning race meets per month, and to ensure there is no reduction to trial opportunities we will offer trials AFTER the conclusion of the last race for local trainers for 2-4 hours to meet demand.




To help improve welfare outcomes, ease financial pressures faced by participants and provide more employment opportunities for club staff, GRV have announced that free trials will be introduced at all 13 Victorian clubs from 1st August 2020. This program has been developed in collaboration with Greyhound Clubs Victoria (GCV) as part of the stimulus package and is supported by $1 million in funding.

The Program covers pen trials, arm trials and post-race trials. Clubs will be reimbursed monthly by GRV based on the number of trials they have run in the previous month.


It is expected that the implementation of free trials will further assist in the reduction of injuries and will allow all participants to trial their dogs at a track prior to racing at the track. The impact of the program on welfare outcomes will be continually monitored until July 2021 when a decision will be made about whether to make it permanent.


GRV and GCV have had discussions with club managers to work through the associated scheduling, recording and reimbursement issues.

I hope you are pleased by these 2 exciting announcements!


Yours sincerely,


Rod Ward
General Manager
Ballarat Greyhound Racing Club

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