Finish On Lure Meetings/ Catchers


Beginning 22nd February 2016 at Ballarat, all races on Monday’s will be conducted with the Finish on Lure.

The finish on lure trial will run for 10 weeks at Ballarat in the Monday timeslot.

Meetings held on Wednesday will continue to use the regular lure.

Races will be conducted over all distances and will be classified as Tier 3 meetings.

Please note catchers are required for all 390m, 545m and 660m races.

450m races do not require a catcher as handlers are in the vicinity to catch their dog.

Catchers are required to assemble at the 450m boxes five minutes prior to each race.

As per normal, all catchers are required to wear a catching vest and display identification.

All participants are not permitted to enter the track to catch a dog until advised by a Ballarat Official and/or Steward.

Trainers should also ensure appropriate sized muzzles are correctly fitted for their greyhounds.

Please note that this is a trial and GRV reserves the right to amend any of the above conditions.

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